Bethany Simpson

Child of Courage or Achievement Award

An “amazing” young girl from St Columb Major who saved her step-father’s life was recognised at Pirate FM’s Local Heroes Awards in association with South West Bottled Gas.

Beth Simpson was honoured the ‘Child Of Courage’, sponsored by Francis Clarke. The award recognises a child who has demonstrated exceptional courage and maturity beyond their years. She was nominated for the award by her stepfather Robert, and collected it at a ceremony held at Tregenna Castle Resort in St. Ives.

“It was Mother’s Day we had a really nice family day.” Robert said. “We went up to bed, we were watching TV, I went down stairs, made a cup of tea and I came back to bed and I don’t remember more than that”.

Robert suffered from a cardiac arrest.  Robert’s partner immediately called the emergency services, but she was unable to perform CPR – that’s when Bethany took over.

Robert said: “Jane went into bits and couldn’t do it – Beth heard mum screaming and came in and took over.”

Just weeks before, Beth had taken part in a special training course at School with St. John’s Ambulance.

“St John’s Ambulance had done the course just two weeks before and thank god she paid attention and listened” said Robert.

Beth said: “I was lying in bed and I heard my mum on the phone to someone. I could hear someone shouting down the phone, telling her to do CPR.

“I came in and I saw him lying on the bed. It was only a couple of minutes before the paramedics came. I was exhausted”.

Robert said: “Bethany is amazing, always bubbly and full of life – and there’s nothing I can do to repay her for what she did that night”.

“I wouldn’t be here today if Beth hadn’t done what she done. It’s absolutely amazing”.

Robert told Pirate FM: “Without Beth’s bravery and hard work, I would have died. It was an amazing thing for anyone to do, never mind a 10-year-old girl. I would have never been able to thank her for saving my life”.