Jayden England

Good Neighbour Award

A 7-year-old Saltash boy has been recognised for his brave and selfless actions at Pirate FM’s Local Heroes Awards in association with South West Bottled Gas.

Jayden England was playing outside when he found out that his deaf neighbour had collapsed. He immediately responded by telling his grandad, who then dialled 999 and handed the phone over to Jayden.

Hayley, Jayden’s mother nominated her son and said: “Whilst on the phone to the operator, Jayden remained calm and answered questions about the neighbour accurately. Jayden gave clear instructions to his grandad on how to give CPR.”

Hayley continued: “The police listened back to the recording, and were gobsmacked at how well he had done considering his age”.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of Jayden and the emergency services, the neighbour passed away.

Jayden said: “If you’re not helping then you’ll be a bad neighbour. But if you’re being good then you’ll be really helpful in your street. I always try to help them or at least say hello”.

Jayden is also helping to raise money for those less fortunate, by setting up his very car cleaning company, offering family and friends car washes for £1.50. All of his earnings are then donated to WaterAid, and the remainder of his pocket money is always put into charity boxes when he visits supermarkets.

This award was sponsored by Specsavers, Bodmin. The ceremony was held at Tregenna Castle Resort in St Ives on Friday night.

Hayley said: “He’s just a caring, polite young boy who never fails to surprise me. He’s just amazing, he’s brilliant – I couldn’t wish for a better child”.