Jordon Haines

Bravery Award

A 14-year-old boy from Roche who saved a baby’s life was awarded the ‘Bravery’ award at Pirate FM’s Local Heroes Awards in association with South West Bottled Gas

Last April, Jordan Haines was waiting at a bus stop in Roche when the brakes failed on three-month-old Josie Sztajnert’s pushchair. It rolled into the road, as a vehicle approached at speed.

Jordan said: “I saw the buggy rolling, and I ran across the road. A Land Rover was speeding down the road and I ran straight in front of it.

“I was thinking ‘I’ve lived some of my life and that baby hasn’t’, so I thought I’d risk my life to save the babies”.

Jordan’s quick thinking meant that he was able to retrieve the pushchair, and the baby was unhurt. Later, Josie’s parents sent their appreciation to Jordan’s mum and step dad.

“The parents told them to thank me so much for saving the baby, because if you didn’t our lives would literally be over.” Jordan continued.

“It made me feel emotional and happy that I did it. I’ve proved to myself that I can do something right. One of my mates was shocked and gave me a hug to say well done”.

Jordan collected the award, sponsored by RG Kellow at a special ceremony at Tregenna Castle Resort in St Ives.

Jordan’s step dad told Pirate FM: “Jordan’s mum and I decided that we needed Jordan to be recognised for what he’s done. He has got a heart of gold. I couldn’t be any prouder.”