2018 Award Winners

Child of Courage or Achievement
Enor, Merryn & Lowen Sawyer-Leack

Inspiration to Others Award
Sandra Lawrence

In Memory of Award
Barrie Fenton

Cornish Coastal Rescue Award
Clive Palfrey

Animal Welfare Champion
Kerrin Hollywood

Fundraiser of the Year Award
Leigh Yates

Public Services Award
Lou Pickett & Karen Hodgkinson

Sports Achievement Award
Abigail Birch

Parent/Guardian of the Year Award
Jackie Spencer

Young Person of the Year Award
Josie Moores

Bravery Award
Andrew Hunt

Environmental Award
Toni Dowrick

Neighbour of the Year Award
Richard Buck

Lifetime Achievement Award
Heather Papworth

Carer of the Year
Leah Fisher