Parent/Guardian Of The Year - Tracy Chapman

A selfless woman from Camelford has been named Parent/Guardian of the Year at Pirate FM’s Local Heroes awards in association with Truro and Penwith College, held at the Tregenna Castle Resort in St Ives on Friday Night.

Tracy Chapman was presented with the award, sponsored by Cornwall’s Crealy Great Adventure Park.

Tracy was nominated by her partner David for her dedication to her family – moving 250 miles to from Amersham to take on guardianship of her granddaughter – all despite suffering two strokes herself and being registered blind – requiring the use of a guide dog.

David said: “Tracy has taken on guardianship of her grand daughter Keeley, who had just turned 5 years old when she was taken into care by social services.

“To do this it has meant she had to give up her life in Amershan and move down to Camelford.

“I’m very proud, because it was a bigger move for Tracy than it was for me. Of course, being registered blind meant that she had to take more time to find her way around places.

“Every day is a tough day for Tracey. She wakes up in the morning, can’t see properly, sorts Keeley out, sorts me out as well. She’s not frightened to take anything on, a challenge is what she accepts and likes.”

Looking back at the decision to move down, Tracy said: “There was no second thought about it. My son turned around and said that he needed help as Keely was being taken into foster care. My immediate reaction was that we had to take her on. There were no second thoughts.

“Taking on a five-year-old again is hard, I’ve already done it once with my son and also Dave’s children.

“But there’s no challenge I won’t accept. I would find life too boring if I sat down on my bum doing nothing.

Tracy Chapman’s Nomination from David Hay

Tracy has taken on guardianship of her grand daughter who is just turned 5 years old. to do this it has meant she has had to give up there live in Amershan and move down to Camelford Cornwall, for a fresh start in the county where her granddaughter was taken into care by social services.

This involved several trip to and from Cornwall and amersham to attend court and meeting with relevant local authorizes. since getting guardianship and moving to Cornwall she is doing a course in massage at the local adult education center. All this and Tracy is Relies on her guild dog as she is registered BLIND.

Cornwall’s Crealy Great Adventure Park are the proud sponsor of the Parent/Guardian of the Year category.